0800 FreePhone Numbers

0800 numbers help promote your business, and attract more callers. Customers pay nothing to call you, and it gives the appearance of a large efficient national business.


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0800 Freephone Numbers

Freephone 0800 numbers are a great way to promote your business, and generate more callers.


Some of the benefits of having an 0800 number are:

  • Attract more callers by up to 300%
  • The caller pays nothing to call you
  • Gives the impression of a large efficient business
  • Gives the impressions of national presence
  • Full call stats available
  • Calls can be routed to your landline or your mobile

How are our numbers different?

With most 0800 number you are charged a monthly line rental of £10+VAT on top of your standard line rental, as well as call costs of around 5p per minute (source: www.bt.com 13/03/2008).

Our 0800 numbers are much cheaper. We do not charge line rental and our call costs are also much lower with no compromise in service. After you buy or pick a free 0800 number, all you pay is 1.25p per minute per call on top of the cost to forward it to your existing telephone number. (Cost of forwarding to a UK 01/02 number is 0.9p per minute)

We have many memorable 0800 numbers available; you can buy one from us quickly and easily through our
 long-established Telco Operator partner Net-Telco.

How does it work?

Simple. Get a number from us and you can forward it to any landline, mobile phone or VoIP service you wish. Whenever anyone calls your number, their call will automatically be forwarded to wherever you specify at no added cost to the caller. It's a totally seamless service with absolutely no changes needed to your existing telecommunications setup. Whether you're with BT, NTL or any other landline provider or mobile operator our numbers are guaranteed to work.


To buy an 0800 number visit our Telco Operator partner Net-Telco.


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