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Telephony Projects

Mistera consult on a wide range of telephony projects; from auditing your telephony installations to specifying applications for well-known television shows.


Telephony projects

Financial Services

A multi-site financial services company based in the Midlands were looking to consolidate their telecoms infrastructure. Mistera audited the existing platforms and work practices and made recommendations both on cost-savings and platform consolidation.


An NHS Trust with aging disparate telephony equipment located over 7 sites were looking to have a central IP based telephony solution. Mistera's role was to audit the existing infrastructure, talk to key stakeholders and clinicians within the Trust to determine their telephony requirements and to write an RFP for vendors to respond to. Mistera also held discussions with both Nortel and Avaya to determine how their solutions would best fit the current and future needs of the Trust.

Interactive TV

Mistera has been involved in specifying the telephony requirements and writing the web design specifications for a number of interactive TV shows.

Quiz Night Live was a nightly 3 hour show that involved interaction between the viewing public and the show's presenters. Mistera designed the interface that displayed a combination of traditional telephony calls into an IVR platform provided by C3 with details of clients entering the competition via the web, into a real-time display viewed alongside BT's Ride platform statistics.

Mistera provided consultancy to Endemol on the telephony requirements for TV shows such as the "All star talent show" hosted on the BT Ride platform, and worked in the studios during the live transmission collating votes from MiG's SMS platform and the votes arriving on the Ride platform.

Latterly we worked again with Endemol to specify the telephony requirements and arrange installation of the equipment in Elstree studios for the Big Brother's little brother show, which required live to air audience interaction with the presenters.