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Mistera consult on a wide range of telephony projects; from auditing your telephony installations to specifying applications for well-known television shows.


Telecoms testimonials

Telecom consultancy services testimonialswhat people think about the things that we do

“Andy is one of the most talented Project Managers I've ever worked with in the Industry. His attention to detail and commitment to success have provided me with invaluable support and assistance through our work together to date. I have no hesitancy in recommending his services to anyone looking for dedicated web design and support, or technical project planning and implementation.”
Mr.A Jackson
Head Of Telephony
Endemol UK


“I worked with Andy for two years at Broadsyem and cannot emphaise how much help he was for implementing many projects into Broadsystem. In addition his knowledge of the industry was invaluable to making a telecoms driven company more efficient and profitable. Thanks”
Tony Rich


“Andy was truly brilliant at I-Bus/Phoenix. He joined me on several calls in my territory, which was Eastern US, and made a completely positive impression on key decision makers who had expressed concern over long term program development commitments from the firm. Andy was convincingly reassuring, which created the tipping point which won us the deals. I recommend him 100%.”
Russ Robertson


“Working with Andy is always a pleasure.He is a true professional, enthusiastic, creative and always willing to help others. Andy goes the extra mile every time.”
Gary Butler


“I was privileged to work with Andy for 9 years as a colleague & customer. Andy was an expert in many technical areas, but always straightforward, pragmatic and hugely committed to our customers. If that meant moving mountains or writing new code then he did it. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any position as he would bring dedication, focus and a desire to succeed.”
John Downey


“Andy has a great track record of delivering on-time and to spec. At Octel / Avaya he was at the heart of some of our most innovative moves. Very knowledgeable and professional.”
Nick Applegarth


“Words cannot express the total admiration I have for Andy's work ethos. His commitment to deliver the very best, in agreed timeframes, of absolute quality is second to none. His performance is the yard stick by which others should be measured. His end to end product delivery (web site, training material, documentation, the actual product etc) is flawless. I would recommend Andy's work to anyone.”
Peter Murray



“Andy and I worked on bringing the follow-me product that he (virtually single handedly) produced in EMEA into the USA. His technical and personal skills are only eclipsed by his passion for delivering high quality solutions that meet customers needs.”
Ray Barbieri


“Andy is a professional, focussed & pleasurable person to work with. His services come highly recommended.”
Radha Stirling