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Affordable Web Design

Mistera deliver affordable solutions to promote your business online, enabling you to target new markets quickly. 


Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure that your web site achieves the best position possible in the Search Engine rankings, through our Ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques.  


Web and Email Promotion

Looking for more visitors to your website, or wanting to send targeted email campaigns to customers? Our prices start from only £50.  


Web Design Ratecard

No surprises - See how much a site will cost, with no hidden extras. You'll be impressed by what you get for your money.  


Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it:- read what our clients say and then decide if we're right for your business.


Websites for Car Dealers

Easy-to-use websites for car dealers, with impressive features as standard, at an affordable price.

Website Heatmaps

Understanding visitor click activity

Website HeatmapHeatmaps allow you to easily track your website visitors' click activity, in order to identify the areas of your webiste that receive the most attention, or the areas that fail to attract visitors so that you can improve them.


Heatmaps are an invaluable tool, helping you build a better layout for your website, and improve areas that are underperforming.


Heatmaps will easily help you:

  • Maximise advert visibility
  • Understand what attacts your visitors
  • Optimise your website layout
  • Reorganise underperforming content

Combined with LiveStats Web Analytics you can drill down deeper and analyse your Top Content, Exit Pages, Top Referrers and other visitor activity.


LiveStats web analytics


We can install a heatmap on any site even if we haven't created it, so that you can benefit from the wealth of information that it produces.


To find out more about how heatmaps can help shape the look of your website request a free demonstration Contact us about heatmaps