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Affordable Web Design

Mistera deliver affordable solutions to promote your business online, enabling you to target new markets quickly. 


Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure that your web site achieves the best position possible in the Search Engine rankings, through our Ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques.  


Web and Email Promotion

Looking for more visitors to your website, or wanting to send targeted email campaigns to customers? Our prices start from only £50.  


Web Design Ratecard

No surprises - See how much a site will cost, with no hidden extras. You'll be impressed by what you get for your money.  


Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it:- read what our clients say and then decide if we're right for your business.


Websites for Car Dealers

Easy-to-use websites for car dealers, with impressive features as standard, at an affordable price.

Web Development Process

Web development processhow we turn your requirements into a website

open quoteWe deliver solutions on time, within budget, to ensure that you get a web site that truly reflects your business, and your brand, and has the right content to attract and retain new customers.end quote


To achieve this we follow a 5 stage process: 


We will work closely with you to determine:

  • Your goals for the website
  • Who the site is aimed at
  • What customer needs you are trying to fulfil
  • How best you can satisfy them
  • Would people use your site over a competitors
  • How we can increase revenue
  • How we can bring in more customers
  • How we get more from existing customers
  • How we retain those customers

There is a lot of information to gather, so we will get you to complete our customer requirements document, and at the end of this phase you will receive a detailed proposal document and a quotation for the work.


We create a mock-up, to give you an idea of the layout, colour schemes, and site navigation, based on our discussions and the requirements document.


Once agreed, we set to work populating the pages with your information. The more information you can supply the better, although if you need photographs, artwork or copywriting done, we can do this for you.


We undertake thorough checks of every page to ensure everything is ok, before getting your acceptance.


Once you have agreed that the site is completed to your satisfaction, we upload it and make it live.


We then perform another thorough check of the entire site, to ensure that everything uploaded correctly.


We don’t believe in just creating a web site for you and then walking away. Search engines prefer sites that have relevant and regularly updated content.


For the first month after the go live date you have free access to technical help, and we will monitor your site on a daily basis to track the number of visitors to the site, to build up a profile of your visitors:

  • Where they have come from?
  • How did they find your site?
  • Where they are located?
  • What page did they go to first?
  • Where did they go from there?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Were they converted to a sale?


From analysing this information we can see what pages work, and which ones don’t, and during the first month we will make minor changes to your site free of charge.

After the first month, changes can be made on an ad hoc basic for a small fee or alternatively we offer monthly maintenance plans that give you regular updates at a reduced price.


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